International Conference on Information Technologies (InfoTech)


The International Conference on Information Technologies (InfoTech) unities the scientific events:

International Conference on Systems for Automation of Engineering and Research (SAER)

International Workshop on Technological Aspects of e-Governance and Data Protection (eG&DP)

International Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and eLearning Systems (HCIeLS) https://sites.google.com/site/hciels/home

International Seminar with Discussion on Security Policy

The Conference SAER was established in 1987 (Golden Sands resort) as a National Scientific School for Young Specialists in the areas of computing, computer systems and technology, automation and program applications. During the period 1988 – 1990 the Conference was connected with the beautiful north Black Sea resort Albena. Over 80 persons (young scientists, PhD-students, IT specialists, etc.) took part in these issues of the Conference.

The period 1991 – 2004 was characterized with two changes – the Conference format and the Conference location. The School-format is transformed into International Conference SAER and English was introduced as a work language for all printed materials. Since 1994 English has been used in the sessions, discussions and published materials. It is the year when the dissemination of the Proceedings in more than 15 libraries over the World began. The Conference was held at another north Black Sea resort near Varna city – St. St. Constantine and Elena

The last period (after 2005) is the period of the Joint events – the Int’l Workshop EG&DP is organized in the frame of the SAER Conference. Two separated Proceedings including over 60 reports in English are published and disseminated in over 20 libraries in the World. Electronic versions of these Proceedings (issues after 2003) are assigned to two databases of EBSCO Publishing (USA).

The International Conference on Information Technologies (InfoTech) starts in 2007 as a successor of the good traditions of SAER Conference and this year it unites the events SAER Conference, EG&DP Workshop and Security Policy Seminar.

Conference Organizers

Technical University – Sofia
Union of Scientists in Bulgaria
Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Communication (CEEC)

The Conference is organized with the traditional support of:

Technical University – Sofia
Labs Bulgaria
RILA Solutions Ltd.
Lirex BG
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., Section Bulgaria

Main Topics (but not limited)

  • Information Technologies and Data Security
  • Communication Technologies and Networking
  • Program Technologies and Applications
  • Parallel and Distributed Technologies
  • Information Systems and Data Management
  • Automation of System Design and Research
  • Computer Modeling and System Investigation
  • Hypermedia and Multimedia
  • Intelligent Systems and Knowledge-Based Applications
  • Technological Aspects of e-Governance (e-Government, e-Health, e-Learning, etc.)
  • Security Policy (Energy Security; Peace & Conflict Research; Disarmament, Arms Control and Risk Technologies; International Terrorism; Security Sector Reform, etc.)


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